07 May, 2017

Junk Refunk Tshirt Hack

 My friends at BigWhite Goose, here in Canbyland, are hosting Junk Refunk this coming weekend.

I have my birthday week off work and volunteered to help out. Cheryl got in these cool tshirts for the event. Hers had a v-neck. But when I went into the shop to get an X-large before they sold out, all the necklines were round. Up against the neck.

But I know how to fix this. At least, I have a tutorial earmarked to turn a round neckline into a v-neck. It was super easy and fast. The longest part was unpicking the serged seam at the front neckline.

I managed to get the neckline down about 1 1/2 inches. So much better. And flattering.

 This shirt has no side seams. I dithered about adding in hip room at the back but then I would have to unpick the back neckline, so I caved and did the gussets/godets at the sides. I had to lay out my shirt just so to get a 'side seam' to cut up to the undersleeve. I put them in the same way I did my previous tshirt hack.

I auditioned quite a few fabrics to find something that would coordinate. When I was up at SewExpo this year, I bought a few laces. None of the laces quite worked colorwise, but this thin knit zebra stripe in blue did.

Since this is an event, I'm thinking I need to do one more thing to this shirt to get it into the Wowza zone. Pencil Girl suggested tracing the crown onto the back. I would sew the outline and then cutaway the blue - revealing the zebra stripe underneath. I'm thinking I might try to add it to the sleeve instead.

If you are near Canbyland this Mother's Day weekend and want to know all about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, feel free to come up and get my autograph (lol).

 I forgot to get a before photo. I was going to meet up with Pencil Girl today and I wanted her opinion on a couple of sewing UFO's. This shirt is your basic women's x-large tee.

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  1. Love the life hack job on the T-shirt - I have more than a few for which that "refunk" would helpful :D

  2. Forgot to add: I did all these changes in less than an hour. Tshirt knit does not fray so it's easy to play with. The crown will take a bit longer to sew as I'll have to twist the shirt this way and that to go around all the jewels.

  3. Wow.. another nifty re-do for you! You're pretty inventive, my friend! See you tomorrow.. and...

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I am sorry we ran out of time to see your sewing UFOs! We will have to meet up again! I like the idea of the big crown on the sleeve!


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