15 March, 2011

Artillery Weed

Stunning amounts of rain fell today. There was a couple of rumbling thunderheads too.
I am so glad we cut down 18 fir trees last year.

Limbs will keep falling from the remaining fir trees but, happily, we will not be buying the neighbor a new roof.
We left the trees down by the runway - if they ever started to fall, they would do so into open space.
And since, they were planted as Christmas trees, they will eventually fall.
Meanwhile, in spite of the torrential rains, look at my flowers persevering.

My Favorite Christmas Cheer Rhodies sill going strong.

Some Rock Tulips springing early.
The thin stems are from some dwarf iris's which are already mostly gone.

Some tiny Narcissus - heads down low with the weight of the rain.

Yes, the population explosion of artillery weed is stunning. You need to weed them before the flowers turn to seed. IF YOU WAIT! the seedheads explode into your eyes and everywhere else.
What kills me every year is the fact that these artillery weeds are easy to pull. Yet, I procrastinate and allow them to become OUT-OF-CONTROL and then I hate them with a vengeance as they POP into your eyeballs and other crevices. 

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