02 March, 2011

Pendleton Eye Case Project

Pendleton recently linked via their facebook page to this Sew4Homes' blog to showcase a sewing project utilizing pendleton fabric. Sew4Home has a nifty idea to make eyewear cases using a local fabric. Local because  Pendleton fabrics are all over my stash and the fabric is locally produced.
Fast and easy.
Make one and then you can totally tailor it to your own sunglasses/eyeglasses. For instance, my case was wide enough but a wee bit long. I would also incorporate a lining to stabilize the case.
But, still, fast and easy.

Can't wait for SewExpo. The folks at the Pendleton booth are giving away prizes if you show up wearing something made of Pendleton fabric. I am stopping by the booth to see if my eyeglasses wearing this stylish case will get a little something...

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