30 March, 2011

Nursing Covers

This is Phea's best expression. You can't get a smile out of her otherwise.

 Missy Sophea got an owie the other day - no, not the one on her cheek. It was a slightly invisible owie and prompted her to run to mom & dad where they were building a chicken hostel  to cry and carry on.  Then she ran into a piece of 2x4 wood. That's the owie on her cheek.

 She came to visit and had to see the plane.

 Here, she is out of focus, whirling like a dervish, tickled to find she fits under the wing.

 She found Rusty amusing until he threw the ball at her.
Rusty will fetch that ball until he keels over.
We have to watch him so he doesn't re-injure his left shoulder from running too hard. Dang ball.
 You try weeding, on a momentarily non-rainy moment with a pretty good wind
AND a ball being thrown at you.
This is one of those Artillery Weeds, aka Pop-Its.  Or "@#X**&#   in my eyeball!"

 My niece needed a new Nursing cover for baby Ella. I made her one for Sophea and it has held up quite well to being stuffed in a diaper bag & used as a burping cloth. The boning has given out. I switched out the tired cover and gave her the one I had just sewed with batik fabric from Puyallup. In fact, I sewed two with the turtle batik. One to give, one to sell.
The second one sold so fast, I never had a chance to list on
etsy.  Oh well.

We were so busy talktalktalking that this is the only photo I snapped of Baby Ella.

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