13 March, 2011

SewExpo review

I am still processing all of the ideas percolating in my tiny pea brain after the show.
Lots of garment classes this year. Five years ago it was all about quilting. And the home dec. market looks to explode as the brand new sewer's branch out.
Cool jacket with RTW stitching details on this pattern from SEWN - Upline Jacket

Sewn used a hand-dyed fabric for this sample of the UpLine.

Indygo Junction's
Recycled Sisters Pattern also caught my eye.

This book with the crappy cactus cover had a project for a tall, slender candle in a jar that was very sellable.
Called Stash Happy by Cynthia Shaeffer. A piece of fabric encased the candle with rivets tied with an interesting fiber. The whole 'candle jacket' featuring scraps in a random happy pattern.

Even though I bring my camera, you are so busy looking (read gawking) and talking that the camera doesn't make an appearance.

Airplane fabrics --- which were very tempting. But I made a vow to try and find more solids - not like a kona solid but a solid with a pattern -  a tone-on-tone solid fabric. I was also looking for the proper weight of knit fabrics for tops and yoga pants.

Knits cause problems for me.
*1. They aren't readily available except at 
RCT Fabrics in  the Portland area.
*2. Getting the type of knit for the type of garment matched is difficult. If you give me a cotton - quilting weight, bark cloth, cheap Joann's cotton, I know what to sew with it. Knits behave differently and I am still learning how to  select the correct knit for what I am making.
*3. Buying on-line means you cannot 'feel' the knit. the stretch, nor the weight.
*4. Of course, now that I own a serger and a coverstitch machine, it is much easier to sew on knits.

Here's one for my creative friend:
Tiny pincushion necklaces made out of old hollow silverware. Darling.

Finally, a reminder for Pencil Girl who teaches 4-H sewing & photography.
A project for both groups.

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