10 March, 2011

Cleaning & Sewing

So much to do and so little time. . .
Today, I had the afternoon off and I was determined to put in some time sewing but there is always that dratted to-do list staring you in the face.
I was gone last weekend attending the Sewexpo in Puyallup so no cleaning of the house has occurred for two weeks. In the olden days (carpets & dogs), it didn't matter if you cleaned because of terminal dog hair. The two dogs were allowed inside the house, one of whom flung his cement-like drool on every wall and surface. What was the point of cleaning?

But now, in the new era of new wood floors and dogs banished to the garage, I adore cleaning. Armed with my swiffer duster and my microfiber floor mop, I can whip thru the house in about 20 minutes flat.
It's downright amazing what NO dogs, NO kids & NO carpets do for a person.
The 'clean' actually lasts.

In between microfibering the floors, I made a pot roast with this new seasoning called Berbere Seasoning from Frontier. It's got chili peppers and tumeric in it. Can't remember the others. Hot.
I also finished two nursing covers on the sewing machine.
I made a nursing cover for my niece when she had her first baby and now that the second baby has arrived, she needs a new one.  I found a rayon batik with turtles on it  up at Puyallup. My niece liked to scubadive (before kids) and turtles are one of her faves.
A criteria for her was that the nursing cover could not look babyish and be able to stuff in the diaper bag.

So - what is a nursing cover? It's basically a yard of fabric that has a piece of boning set into the top seam so the fabric bows out so only you can see baby's head while nursing.

All in all, a productive afternoon off.

***Niece is coming over next week, I will try to get a good photo of the nursing cover. But - don't hold your breath. It's just a yard of fabric that drapes baby and mom discreetly.

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