29 October, 2010

62 Degrees and Falling

This is my new music chest/sofa table that I bought in Oregon City where my friend sells some of her creations. The drawers are only 12" deep and a lot of my music is for some reason 12.2" but the whole chest has four drawers and 'hides' maybe a third of my piano music collection.

 Mostly stuffed -gazing adoringly at the new Bernina serger.

 Close-up of horns. If this wasn't a toy for a two-year-old, I'd leave it eyeless as the fabric works.

Showing off it's undies.

 Outside for a nibble.

I am nearly finished with my great-niece's birthday giraffe. After some consideration and asking 13 people what they think; eyes are to be embroidered on.  Brown, I think.  I have a friend whose son has cerebral palsy and he thinks the 'no face' is scary. And it is for a two year old.
I am looking also for an old-lady-handbag for Missy Sophea to carry around. You know the ones I mean? Patent leather, medium size with a clasp and handles to carry it around. I am going to cruise a couple of thrift stores to see if I score. I went to a rummage sale at Clarke's United Methodist Church today and did not see any. I've got a couple of days.

In other news, I have scored big time at work with this creation.
We have an old furnace, with an old style thermostat. Add in one menopausal carrier, a boss who would rather yell than fix the problem and you get to the point of....

My Christmas boss bought the thermostat guard but it was only installed about a month ago. Only one person controls the key.  A couple of weeks ago, when I arrived at work, it was 62'. I called the boss, who lives a few miles away and asked her to come in and turn on the heat. Which she did, three hours later at her normal start time.
This problem has been going on for many a year, but the thermostat guard puts all of the responsibility of maintaining the heat standard on the boss.
And there is a heat standard.
We have had only one day at 65'. Most of the last two weeks have been 64'. We are working so 65' is comfortable for most of us. This last week, the temp. has hovered between 62' and 63'. Chilly. At that point, my fingers tend to fumble and drop letters as any dexterity I might have had is too cold.   Not to mention the constant drippy noses.
I have verified with a food-grade thermometer that the furnace thermostat is correct. Anyway - complaining sometimes yields fantastic ideas. This is an old thermostat with mercury. So - a cold pac 'tricks' it into thinking it needs to turn on to reach 62'.  Thanks Dad.
For the first morning in a month, I was warm at work. I only put the pacs on for half-an-hour before my co-workers came and then about had a panic attack when I saw the condensation inside the guard case. It took over four hours for the temperature to start coming down. Maybe I 'tricked' the furnace too far. My goal is not to replace the 'old' thermostat with a new one that cannot be tricked. 
But it was a fine morning.

Tomorrow, we'll try 15 minutes.

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