04 October, 2010

Remodeling Update - and Good Weather

 I got outside this weekend to grasp the last natural Vitamin D's. Tackling my fir tree bed - where we felled 18 big fir trees earlier this spring. All the seeds from the last fifty years sprouted and the bed turned out quite gorgeous. Shrubs we thought were terminal miraculously came back and thrived in the full sun. Several decapitated shrubs and trees survived. Where everyone else was complaining of a cooler than normal summer, I relished the thoughtfulness nature expended for my pleasure.

The brown-eyed susies, nicotiana's, the blue-starred borage; all were magnificent this year.
Underneath the wild beauty lay my very own mushroom farm.
Mistakenly 'snapped' with focus on flowers - not on fungi.

Photo taken again with fungi in focus. Oddly, I kinda like the the first one where the mushroom is out of focus.

Probably very poisonous

 At least someone has not abandoned the remodel. We're down to nitpicky finish jobs. Waiting on the sink to come - then the dishwasher can be hooked up. Waiting a few more days to bring the fridge and stove back inside while floors continue to cure. Figuring out the puzzle of baseboard trim molding and why are we short four of the short pieces? Nail holes to fill and paint to touch-up. Can't hook up the toilet until the sink comes so as to utilize the DW installer in one visit. And, of course, dust everywhere.
 But this weekend was gorgeous and I (aka: the cleaning lady) was undertaking a huge bail-out of the fir tree bed while things were relatively dry (and not slimy). 

Next spring I plan a total makeover of this long-time perennial bed. I want a clean feel, more evergreens, and a more Japanese feel to this 200 feet. In order to do so, I have to reach into my inner ruthlessness and hack it all out. And next spring, I will go another round with ruthless editing.
I've got truckloads of free barkdust so I am hauling a wheelbarrow load to the burn pile and wheeling back a load of barkdust for volunteer suppression. Nothing like being efficient.

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  1. ***update May 2015 Five years later.
    Wow. I can say that the Japanese feel replacement fell through. I did get ruthless and hacked out A LOT of perennials. Planted new trees. Still working on the transition from cottage garden to shrubs and barkdust - easier maintenance.
    I should make a before and after blog post....


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