03 October, 2010

Remodeling Update - Kitchen Counters

 I admit freely, I am a closet formica fanatic. 
Twenty years ago, the trend was tile countertops. Which I disliked intensely because I am also a klutz. 

I use my kitchen. Dishes occasionally get broken, things fall and break, spills happen. 
And because I am totally a trend setter. 
Have you seen any tile countertops that do NOT look dated? Not so much about trend setting as intensely practical. And the granite countertops that are NOW trendy cost three times as much and you need to be careful what you clean them with as most cleaners will dull the finish.

I know - formica's great. (I should say wilsonart). This time around, we chose Green Tigris.

 Everyone informed us that 4" tile backsplashes are not trendy now. We still love the motif. We decided to let the next people change out the tiles.

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