19 October, 2010

How To Cook Snails

A few years ago, I was invaded by snails. 
Slugs are ookey and I am not going out there with scissors in the dead of night to cut them in half. I can never be Dulcy Mahar.
Rusty, who is seven, used to eat slug bait. About the only way I could contend with slugs was to salt them.
The Invaders took over and the only good thing about the snails is they have a shell. If you are feeling ruthless, you can pick them up by the shell and dash them against the street asphalt or onto the pavers and let them die in agony there. Really - what use are slugs and snails? They generate oodles of slime - is this good for me?
When we were picking up all the branches from tree felling, a huge amount of snails ended up on the burn pile.
But - what to do when there is no fire or asphalt nearby? 
I keep a lot of butter and other plastic containers for painting (trim) and for freezing berries from the garden. They have lids.

View towards street. Ruthless clearing of plants.

New home for snails.

View from street back towards runway.   I am not changing the curves of the bed. It looks so clean to have the defined edge.  This is where I want to put the two-foot shrub roses. About 30 feet from street back to the green japanese maple tree. We are keeping the dogwood (straight trunk) and a hydrangea and some mystery shrub plant that is tucked in tight against the first tree trunk. Since the object is to hide the stumps, this mystery plant got voted in.
The japanese maple has a lovely lean to it from being under the fir trees.

***update on snail collection: Rusty took off with the container and ran around with his head cut off - in the way of joyful puppies - and the container was put in the trash eventually. Where did the collection end up? idk

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