11 October, 2010

Remodeling Progress

The long list of fiddly details doesn't seem to get any shorter. The baseboards are nailed on, nail holes are filled, touch-up paint has been brushed on. But there are random pieces of blue painter's tape decorating the walls for more touch-ups.
We can't hook up the dishwasher until the sink comes. Utilizing the plumber (?) in one visit to hook up the dishwasher and toilet - although someone is now wanting to install it all himself.
The microwave finally came off the wall and the holes for installing the new one aren't quite in the same spot requiring the purchase of a hole saw set. Once we get the microwave in, then the stove can come back in. 

After living with french doors on the fridge (in the garage) for a week, we decided to go back to a one door fridge. Still keeping the freezer on the bottom.

The real big question is how to cull the crap from getting back into the house. I devised a system of one quarter will be allowed inside, half to garage sale/donation, one quarter to keep in the hangar and think about (for ten years). Of course I had a raging fever (cold/flu) when I said this.

Actually, the bigger question is where are all the big picture hooks. After four days of searching, I found the smaller hooks.

After twenty years we are finally getting a china hutch.   After twenty three years of marriage, we are getting several pieces of new furniture. We bought a Lazy-Boy Sofa here as well as a recliner (swivel/rocker/leather) and the hutch above. We only had to go to eleven stores to find a couch we could live with. Most of the new couches out there are one big (sagging) pillow. They look and feel like one year down the road, they will have degenerated into a saggy lump. We wanted a firm seat, our feet on the floor, and firm back support. So- finally after numerous forays into furniture land, we found a lazy-boy couch that will work (or else) and we went back here for the deal.

I am 3/4 done with putting the pantry back in order. I can't thoroughly clean anything with the  dishwasher not in yet. Foodstuffs (not immediately needed) were stored in the hangar where some pernicious mice had a month-long midnight supper party. Remember the throw out half rule here?

We did find an O Cedar hardwood floor mop for the  floors that involves a double-sided removable micro-fiber cloth that you just use and throw into the washing machine. I liked it well enough, I went back and bought two replacement micro-fiber cloths.

Walls need to be dusted down, windows washed and other fun cleaning jobs. Need help.

I haven't unearthed the curtains yet so I can wash and hang them. They might be in the same place where the picture hooks are hiding.

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