18 October, 2010

Where We Are Now

I believe we are in the homestretch on the remodeling.
Waiting on the sink still but it should be here soon. Dishwasher is being delivered today and I scrubbed out the toilet so it is pristine white again. I know it sounds funny but today -pristine white brings joy to my soul. We have hard water out here and even with the water softener and filters, the manganese and iron tend to stain.

I found the picture hooks this weekend and we hung 98% of the pictures so it looks like we sort of live here.

The rug pad is airing. They make some fancy wool pads which we will probably be able to afford in some far-off year. For right now, I went to Freddies and picked up the only ones they had and they are coated with PVC. Weird smell, but we have about one more week of Indian Summer and the pad is airing. The rug we bought off Craig's List is synthetic and scratchy on the back side. That rug is still in the hangar but we found this wool rug for the front door at Upscale Consignments in Gladstone.

Of the re-upholstery project of sofa, loveseat and chair - the chair is done and the sofa soon will be. The chair is gorgeous and we can't wait to not only see the sofa but have something to sit on.

Trying to figure out four or five strong people to move the piano back in. Volunteers?

Every night, we take turns O-cedaring, although I believe the verb Swiffering is the new accepted terminology.

And in the meantime/sametime/try to fit everything in time, I spent much of the previous gorgeous weekend ruthlessly stripping the front 30 feet of my ex-fir tree bed. I aggressively tossed plants but came to a halt at the hostas. I bought the hostas for the shady understory of the fir trees. The hostas are huge and I have no more understory. For right now, I placed them in the pots that had petunias in to overwinter. I suspect a redo of one of my shadier beds has now been added to my springtime chores. I plan on planting these low shrub roses in the front 30 feet. I have seen these in several commercial settings, notably at Rite-aid in Canby and along 99E in Milwaukie. They only get about 2 feet tall and bloom continuously from, at least, July and still going strong here in October.
Still investigating the proper genus.  Because right across the street from Rite-aid is Canby Builder's Simplicity Rose Hedge and those roses are four feet tall.
I want the two footers.

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