24 October, 2010

House of Eliot & Project Runway

I just watched finale 1 from Project Runway. End result is three of the contestants are showing at Fashion week their collections. Next week (?) is the final finale and the decision of who will win: Mondo?, Andy?, or Gretchen?

Gretchen’s looks are true for her but don’t have that runway wow factor (gretchen is from Portland and definitely has a looser 'west coast' style than the other contestants). As Michael Kors says, "crunchy granola".
I am watching “House of Eliot” from BBC that aired back in 1991. (Can this date be right? I thought I watched it with my mom back when I was in high school).  It's a
bout two sisters who design and sew during the early 20’s.
Evie, on disc three ( I think episode 8) has worn, twice now, this beautiful dress that is white with hand embroidered black dotted lines running from the neckline down, interrupted with some beaded/soft embroidery picture on the front hipline down and the lines pick up from here down to the hem. Hems were at calf length.

Poor stop frame from the video. Can't see the black dotted lines.

The sleeves come down
nearly to the elbow with the same dotted lines down from the sleevecap. The hem on the sleeve has a slit with long rounded edges. It's a fitted sleeve with the slit.
These styles from the 20’s are very Gretchen but they have the wow factor she is missing. Lots of
bias-cut flowing dresses and separates. The coats are very becoming.

Today’s technology lesson: Brian installed Google Chrome as my operating system  - because it is faster – he says.
But I cannot print just a single page (selection) of something from it – it wants to print the whole document. So – I have to cut and paste over to my Word program and then print the selection.
AND – because it will not print shipping labels for USPS/Paypal.
Making me crazy. I finally got around to calling Paypal and they took so long to answer, I typed the question into google and there it was – the stinking answer. Chrome and the newish Internet Explorer 9.? will not print paypal labels. And there is no plan to do so. This has been a problem for over a year.
USPS actually will charge my account for the shipping but the label won’t print – so I have to void the label and wait a few weeks to get a refund on shipping. Then I take the package to the post office with stamps on it.

So – today, I am uninstalling Chrome and reinstalling Firefox.

What operating system do you have???

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  1. I remember the House of Elliot, I loved it, maybe I'll try to find it on DVD.


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