01 October, 2010

Swedish Finish Floors are Finished

Rocket found a safe cave.
 At last!
They look fantastic. It was definitely a process

 After laying out all of the wood, it acclimated for about a week. This was important as we had one piece that came up a full quarter inch. Other pieces had edges rise/lower. All of this is then sanded within an inch of its life and taken care of - as in totally level, totally smooth and pretty beautiful in it's au natural state. We actually ran short a bit of wood and had to wait another week for the wood guys to get back from a wedding and then install it. 
After sanding, comes the finish coats. This is a oil-based finish that sinks into the wood better and is more durable.  So - three coats, three days.
The first two coats could be walked on after four hours (only with socks - No dogs). All windows were open and the September weather cooperated with warm 80' days to help dry the finishes. They buffed the next morning and put on the next coat. 

The final coat needed to be put on with windows closed and 12 hours uninterrupted curing time. Very, very stinky and of course, this information about the 12 hours out of the house was given to me at 6pm the previous night as we were going out to find dinner. Cranky me starts making a list of work stuff, clock, sleep clothes (pillows), etc. that I need to pack out before I can go to bed. Because I didn't come back into the house from Wednesday night until Friday at noon. We slept in the garage. On the air mattress that someone did not blow up enough.

But it was worth it.

This picture mostly captures the final sheen. The first two coats go on very very shiny but this cures out to a beautiful sheen. 

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