26 October, 2010

Sewing Giraffes

My Great-niece's birthday is next week. Costume party is Saturday - but I am stuck working.
I will drive up early next week to see Missy Sophea.
My thoughts were to make her a stuffed giraffe to lug around - maybe find her an old-fashioned ladies handbag. This giraffe is only 10" high but maybe that is tall enough for a two-year-old.
This is my working copy. In the process, I successfully threaded my new serger AND sewed with it. Another lesson learned about sergers? Curves are tricky. I was thinking of the quarter-inch seams and having them double stitched but I couldn't seem to stay on track around the legs.
I switched back to my regular sewing machine and it went a bit smoother. I'm not sure a mane will be involved unless it is looped ribbon or yarn. I like the cleaner look of no mane - bald - if you will.   

Can't deal with remodel any more. Sink got sent to San Francisco and it will be another week - or so- before it trucks on up to Oregon. Meanwhile, the dishwasher can't get hooked up, the toilet is still sitting in the middle of the bathroom and the kitchen island  might take up permanent residence in my bedroom. Good news? I can park in the garage now - which is a blessing at 5am.

And the mushroom farm continues to grow poisonous fungi.
Giant poisonous fungi.

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