08 November, 2010

I Want a New Phone

My son came home this weekend to lend some help to a friend in need and helped us as well. His buddies moved the kitchen island back into the kitchen from where it has been nesting during the remodel. So glad to unload those pans and cookbooks. I seriously purged my cookbook collection and even let go of a cast iron dutch oven pan - with a lid!

Never Mind the Burgeoning Clutter

If you will remember - this is the difficult part of the remodel. Seriously being ruthless and purging the house of items I rarely use. It is emotionally wearing.
I helped a friend last weekend do just that in her shop. Boxes were piled willy-nilly, kids books, costumes spilling out, the walkway was being encroached upon. She was saving the boxes for that 'rainy day'. Her husband was okay with saving them - as long as they were flattened. I have to add in here; I have to hide boxes from my husband or they are recycled. period. 
She had two purposes to save boxes; one to have them - they have moved a couple of times. Have you ever tried to move without enough boxes? The second reason was her u-pick strawberry field. So, we saved the obvious moving boxes and the strawberry 'flat' boxes and flattened the rest and recycled them. This was obviously highly stressful for my friend and I had to keep looking at her face to determine the amount of hyperventilating going on. We also organized and put away 1. costumes her kids had worn, 2. hair doodads, 3. books and games, 4. small items to give as extra gifts to her nieces and nephews, and the dreaded 'garbage' category.   It was obviously very emotionally draining to decide what to do with the kid's stuff.

The point of this remodel is to not only make our home beautiful but to simplify and reduce the clutter of living twenty years in this home. Some days, it is very daunting to let go of anything. Other days, it causes me to hyperventilate myself and oddly, there are days when it is easier to let go. In my defense, it is definitely helpful to have the kids living away from home, busy in their lives. My friend still has both kids at home but they are on the point of departure. 
 My re-upholstered garage sale sofa set find is home at last. There is a chair, a sofa and this charming loveseat. The upholsterer did a bang up job. Rabe's Upholstery; his dad, Don does furniture. Rabe does cars - and airplane seats. No web site: They are located at 34081 Barlow Rd. towards Woodburn.

 Ready for Sunday morning fires.

 Two more of these Oregon plates have joined my 'collection'. I had four of them on my kitchen soffits. Now I have six. I cannot extract from my overloaded brain where they will be hung. I need two more plate hangers. Paying a visit to Michaels to buy them - will this decide where the plates are hung? My newest acquistion is the yellow Oregon 1859 -1959 Centennial Plate. I found it at a church runmmage sale. In the lower left is a picture of the Jantzen Swim Girl. My son asked, "Where's Jantzen."
 I think the blue one of Mt. Hood and the fancy cut-out one of Crater Lake are my favorites.

My son brought home his new phone as his last one had  stopped working. He is studying Pharmacy and he downloaded the free version of the pharmacology app. He can look up Tylenol and see all the different versions available, see the dosage amounts, drug interactions, the chemical name, and also take notes.  My brother got a new phone sometime last year and brought it camping at Crater Lake. His app was star gazing. You pointed the phone at the night-time sky and the phone would tell you all of the constellations above you and you could move it into the next sector, etc. That was interesting but when the boy showed his phone, that's when I fell into serious phone lust. I want it. I want to use up my valuable free time researching which downloadable apps to use. I think an ebay app would be great for when I am garage saling and I don't know if an item I am looking at is worth 'something'. 

The boy added this later:

Blackberry Curve 8520
Seeing that it took me about a whole day to discover all the benefits and tricks to it, you might wanna isolate yourself for a whole weekend with it. 
there are more styles, i got this one primarily because it had a good camera, WIFI router built in for free internet, and an amazing organizer with alarm function to remind you of everything you have to do. and it comes with word and powerpoint and excel :) 
its a business phone that i think you would like. full keyboard for typing.

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