17 September, 2010

Tiny Remodeling Woes

The most difficult part of our remodel is putting wood floors down throughout the house. Except for the bedrooms (carpet), everywhere else is  going to be hickory wood floors. The rest of the remodel is bits and pieces to be updated. New Wilsonart on the kitchen counters, new back door because of water damage, & replacing the bathroom floor because of horrid squeakiness. We are also hoping to find a granite 'remnant' to update the bathroom counter. And that's about it - other than painting and redoing the molding and trim pieces.
We needed to take up the linoleum in the main bath because of terminal squeakiness in the floorboards extending into the bathroom. And, the floor has flooded enough over the years (toilet stoppage) that I wanted to check the condition of the sub floor. No worries here but we removed the particle board and splurged on some 18" tiles for the new floor.
The tile guy is supposed to show up at 8:30am and, of course, he doesn't. Upon calling the tile place, we learn tile guy is out on a very small job and should show by 10:30am. And he doesn't.
Nor by noon. About 4:30pm is when he showed up. It's a small bath - about  50  sq. ft.
He did install the wonder board

He came back this morning and started laying out the 12" tile.
But we had ordered the 18" tile - the bigger ones. More calls to the tile place. We were told that the distributer didn't have any more of the bigger tiles. And that we had ordered the smaller tiles.
First off, after multiple visits to the showroom, we never even looked at the smaller tiles. We were looking big. Second of all, my husband located the bigger tiles here in Portland on his first try.  It wasn't like you had to go to Michigan to find the last ones. So - he bought them. Which has made the first tile center upset - they won't lay tile bought elsewhere.
Twenty years ago, we had some installation issues with this local place and I was hesitant. But the gal there used to work with my husband so the level of responsibility goes up if you had prior working relationships - right?
Anyway - we will have to figure a way to extract ourselves from their clutches and find another person to lay the tile. Small, little, and totally expected problems.
But the door is in.

You can just make out that new (lucky) plank on the right side inside the door. That's where the dry rot was and is now gone. My husband said that plank cost $11.
 It's supposed to be less likely for water to seep under a slider-type door.

Photo at top of post? New red wine discovered here. My criteria? Under ten bucks and the coolest label. 

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