21 September, 2010


A new work apron was desparately needed. That pesky bellybutton hole went through both layers but I have had no inspiration. Zero. Zippo. Nada.
I found some denim material last Thursday at a rummage sale. I went to a few more garage sales with a friend on Friday and found the 6" squares of the frogs and dragonflies.

I simply sewed an outline around the body of the appliqué and trimmed close to the sewing line. I even put a line of fray-check around the edges.
To make construction of numerous aprons possible, I re-use the apron ties and neck strap and sew them onto the new apron body.
The top pocket is for my MP3 player.
I am back in the business of looking half-way neat at work.
This would be the bathroom tile - laid out in the garage. A little lighter than originally planned. Our first place said they didn't have any more of these big tiles but the second had them - only someone got scared of the color when he bought them and went with the slightly lighter version.
It will work.

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