12 September, 2010

No More Stove

---Not to mention the dishwasher. The wood guy comes tomorrow to start cutting and shaping the floors. We are still living in the house but the kitchen has been moved to the garage. Today was our last day of cooking normally. I made a huge arm roast and my husband made a great spaghetti casserole for himself.

The wood guy will lay out all the wood, cut it to size and then he leaves for a week to let the wood acclimatize.
Then he comes back and does the three finish coats known as a Swedish Finish, a.k.a. Glitsa.
We have to move out for the entire three days, camping in our hangar. I get up at 4am to go to work so I think it would be easier to sleep in the hangar and put the lights on in the garage that early.
Usually, I use the light on the microwave so it doesn't sear my eyelids that early but I am afraid, the microwave will not be joining us in the garage. The stove is out there vacationing - as in not hooked up. We will have to use our camp stove.
At that hour of the morning, stumbling is to be expected. With the bright flourescent lights of the garage blinding me, I'm sure it will work out fine. Especially with the displaced dogs all weirded out.

Note: --through the kitchen window the view of the 'shack' next door.
It has a new roof now as well as one (nearly finished) coat of paint.They even put in new Milgard windows.

And then, because we are nervous nellies about our new wood floor, we'll wait to install furniture for a few weeks and continue to live out of the bedrooms.

Post Application Tips
A minimum of 24 hours is recommended before returning to the residence. Providing good ventilation will minimize the odor and help the floor finish cure faster. You can generally walk on the floor after 24 hours. However, you should use your floors with care for the first two weeks after application. The more gentle you are on the floor during this time, the more satisfaction you will get from your floors for years to come.

Furniture: Allow two to three days before placing furniture on the floor. Do not drag or slide the furniture into place. Install Safeglides Felt Floor Protectors on furniture legs before replacing furniture.
Carpets: Allow two to three weeks before putting carpets or rugs on the floor. If covered prematurely, finishes may discolor.

Do not use water or any cleaning substances on the floor for the first two to three weeks.

I have a huge box of felt. I am wondering if I can sew three layers together to make some felt pads for the feet of our furniture. Will this suffice? I am wondering if there is some tutorial out there? If I had a serger, I could just serge thru three layers in a circular mode and they would probably look cooler than what is for sale out there.

Update on visitors: I only heard them one morning. Eat & Run. :)

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