10 September, 2010

Remodeling Friends

To aid the tossing of remodeling debris, the doors to the house are frequently left open. No worries about dogs escaping - they have a major case of separation anxiety over the removal of all the carpet down to the tongue and groove planking.
The other morning - I get up around 4am - distinct scrabbling sounds can be heard under the kitchen sink (garbage) and something running around the air ducts.
Freaky?  yes.
Can I get the dogs interested?  No.

They have never chased a mousie in the house. It's been well over ten years since one has dared to visit.

Sure hope it is NOT a nutria. We had one in the garage before, up visiting from the pond area.

In other news, The flooring has arrived.

Rusty is tense. See those muscles bunching?

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