23 September, 2010

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a very useful and powerful technique for dealing with emotions inside your body. It involves tapping on your meridian points and talking through reasons why you do things. Or, how you perceive limiting beliefs.  
The premise is that our physical limitations are caused by or held up by our emotions.

Sometimes our energy is 'stuck'.
EFT is supposed to clear the pathways.
 Many of the ideas are downloadable free or can be bought for a nominal fee.
I have had success utilizing this technique. Most of them have been festering emotional wounds. I have 'cured' a deformed fingernail by allowing the stress to 'grow out'.
 EFT is not something you do once and it is cured. It's best if you think of EFT as part of your continuous daily meditation ritual. If you have health problems, I believe it is wise to keep an open mind and see if this could work for you.
There are many youtube.com videos out now on how to tap and how to say the statements, if you care to research it yourself.
The EFT people have also done a huge documentary dealing with gulf war veterans and post traumatic syndrome with some pretty amazing results.
This week, their free audio is an interview with Dr. Carol Look

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