07 September, 2010

Airplane Quilts

As my crap from the house is moved out, there is all of this free space where wood floors will soon be.One of the most difficult chores in this remodel is the long year ahead - of vetting everything before it is allowed back into the house.

The burnt orange couch will not be allowed back in - even though it is way back in fashion. I may cave on this one because we cannot find a new couch that is not one big pillow.

I may need 'bin therapy' throughout the year as I will not be able to recollect where the airplane fabric is stored. There are really only five places: the hangar, the garage, the master bedroom (getting carpet soon) and the two bedrooms that have been renamed craft rooms where a guest may stay, occasionally. NO matter how organized one is about moving stuff, there will always be someone else 'helping'.

I was perusing the SewMamaSew blog today and they mentioned an upcoming contest with BadSkirt and I remembered she had an airplane quilt block tutorial.
I have made these airplane blocks before in different formats; paperpiecing, freehand, stamped block.  Her idea was that the planes be different sizes - random sizes.

The airplanes don't have to utilize airplane fabric.

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