13 September, 2010

Lots of Noise

My sister-in-law very kindly came over and helped finalize the choice of formica for the kitchen countertops. Or, should I say Wilsonart?

We had checked out the chains of Wilsonart and Formica samples twice already. It took us three times but finally we arrived at a color which shows off the tile motif on the backsplash and Patty helped whittle that color palette down to the one we are all happy about. 
It is possible, while the floor is resting, that we could get the formica guy (sorry, no gals out here) to lay the new formica during that time.
This horrible economy is actually helping us out. Many of the contractors are hungry for the work and make themselves very available at short notice.
Patty also gave us an idea for the kitchen paint. We currently have two tones of yellow in there and bringing the lighter color around and butting up to the cabinets will make my husband happy. The deeper yellow around the cherry cabinets will stay on the soffits and help pop the Palm Jazz design in the cabinets.

So - if we can get the Wilsonart counters done, the appliances will come near the end of the month and we will be all set in the kitchen, except for the stove.
We are lusting after an Induction Stove, but at this time, it only comes in Stainless Steel finish and we want white on white. 

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