31 December, 2009

Update on niece's skirt length

I was sewing this Christmas skirt all long-distance from my actual niece with measurements e-mailed to me. You really forget how really tiny little great-nieces really are. Really!
When the waist to knee measurement says around 9" - it's SHORT!
I managed to contain the skirt length to 9" but the netting hung down another 1.5".

I couldn't decide whether to trim the netting, how much to trim, or to leave it alone. - you know - once you cut it you can't add it back on. I was also suffering from TOO MANY PROJECTS TO MAKE AT CHRISTMAS again.
I ended up trimming it even with the bottom of the trim and it was perfect.
We went down to my brother's (grandpa!) beach house on Saturday to celebrate and I trimmed it maybe an half-hour prior to leaving. It was about 45' at Rockaway and my brother has been doing some major remodeling and the oil furnace was fritzing out and it was chilly.
Gorgeous little Sophea is dressed in her jammies which clash horribly with the pink poufy skirt.
But it all fit and her mom likes it. 
Next up - a t-shirt with fabric appliques from the skirt to MAKE AN OUTFIT! Maybe a tie-dye attempt?
That project is due next week when I get a day off and plan to visit my niece and grand-niece.

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