18 December, 2009

Greetings From Oregon

My local library has a display set up as you enter about Oregon. Books about Oregon, books by Oregon Authors, gorgeous photo books about Oregon - you get the picture. Hard to miss as you walk up to the check-out area.

This book caught my eye; GREETINGS FROM OREGON.
Co-written by  Gideon Bosker and Jonathan Nicholas, it's filled with vintage picture postcards depicting the glory that is Oregon.
It actually leapt into my arms because of the name of Jonathan Nicholas. Originally from Wales, he somehow immigrated to Oregon where he was a semi-famous columnist for the Oregonian.
He was one of the reasons we subscribed to the Oregonian. >>Why are all the newspapers deleting their columnists?
If they go, ....

A quick search on-line found this book as low as $2.16. Hardcover!
Greetings From Oregon is a modest 1/2" thick coffee table book with a very nostalgic feel.

I went with Powell's Books because they had two. One for me and the second for my Mom (& dad). I think she would get a kick out of all the old vintage postcards detailing sights around Oregon. Mom is an inveterate letter writer - I think  a better word might be PROLIFIC.

Now - I just have to go pick them up. Too late for Media Mail (bump city at the PO) and too cheap for Priority Mail.


  1. I love Jonathan Nicholas, too. And vintage postcards. Could you guess?

  2. Thank goodness for the You Might Also Like feature. Now I'm off to see if I can find one of these!!!!!


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