24 December, 2009

Two Projects To Go

My great-niece, Sophea, turned ONE years old in November.
I wanted to sew something for her for Christmas but the project needed to gestate a few weeks before coming out of my head.
Finally, I decided to make a skirt with an elastic band to minimize fitting issues.
My niece quickly sent me measurements which was very nice to have.
Sophea's waist is 18.5" and the waist to knee length is around 9".

I wanted to make a full poofy skirt that would flare up.  It's trimmed at the bottom with giant black rickrack with another trim sewn down the middle of that.  We'll see if it looks really cute or really dorky on Sunday. It will probably swallow her whole!
I originally sewed a double layer of netting into the waistband but it wasn't quite enough netting. I added another double layer at the gather seam and this seems to be enough - 4 layers.

My only question is about the netting hanging down too far. I think it is too long but before I go off on a cutting frenzy, I left the decision for a couple of hours of reflection. I think cutting it closer to the hem will balance the skirt better. 
Sophea lives up in Battleground and with my work schedule - it's a bit difficult to make time to visit so this pattern was done with those measurements in mind and my memory to make up the rest.

I've only have one remaining thing to say: No matter how cute the sparkly netting looks at the fabric store - do NOT succumb.
Let's just say a few people have noticed my liberal holiday glitter look this afternoon.

*All of the fabrics, sparkle netting and trims were purchased here.

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