20 December, 2009

Christmas Crazies

I wanted to get my son who is at school in Corvallis some gift certificates for him to redeem for  some home cooking: a batch of chocolate chip cookies, or a pan of lasagna.

A quick google search turned up some interesting sites like this one. Not quite the postcard size I was looking for. A few other sites, including a tutorial on how to use my own MS Word and Excel to design my own Gift Certificates (No-no-no) and then I stumbled across this easy site.

The form was quick to fill out. Printing was a breeze and out popped three gift certificates on card stock that I will cut to resemble a large postcard.
I am addressing the back side from my son to me and adding a first-class stamp. All he needs to do is pop a card in the mail when he's feeling the need for a care package.

I need three-minute projects so I can spend an additional five 15 minutes blogging about them.  Fun.

This site also has a cute regifting game to play over on the left sidebar - don't miss it!!!

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