04 December, 2009

Adsense Ads and Blogs and writing a journal

Okay - I admit to being fascinated by the whole Blogger Adsense thing.
This is where you get paid when people click on one of the ads. An advertising thing.

I could get paid for writing really rambling blogs about nothing of consequence.

Every time I post, ads immediately pop up over on the sidebar pertaining to what I just wrote.

I just wrote about my son's pet ferret and, of course, I was also thinking of making ferret gifts for Christmas (COMING UP!). I look over at the sidebar after posting - and  there are three ads for ferret gifts.
I clicked on one - and there was $0.35 in my account. Amazing. (disclaimer: Blogger says I cannot click on my own ads. They say they will pull my blog if I do so (in an effort to get paid more).
But - I was interested in the ad - I found a photo of something I could make out of polar fleece for Miss Luna to play in or sleep in. A great gift idea.

Really - there is a secondary fascination with the ads I see and those ads that my friends see.  They are completely different.

I believe the ads are based on the cookies on YOUR computer plus the hyperlinks I throw in plus the tag words.
Totally fascinating.

For now.

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