05 December, 2009

Ramblin' Rocket

Did I mention that Rocket likes to visit his friends every so often?
Did I mention his entire brain is encased in his big lab nose?
Did I mention he's a male dog and really enjoys the marking of his territory.

He has a route.

All the dogs on the street have to sniff and pee on a spot that I call the library. The library is a huge crabgrass circle about two feet in diameter halfway down the street.

My dogs spend a lot of time reading this spot.
And - after they are satisfied with the reading, they lift their leg and pee on top of everyone else.

Last night, Rocket took off after dinner as if he had an appointment or another dinner party to attend. He stumbled in hours later, tired out, barely able to manage the one step into the house. Obviously, a hard nights work for this nine year old dog.

He maintains friendships at the trailer park beyond the pond, behind the Christmas tree farm where the renters live, and likes to sashay by Mabel's house just to see if she'll get hoppin' mad that he is outside and she is trapped inside.

He's always been a wandering dog. He has houdinied himself off the chain using his thumbs to unscrew the chain lock mechanism. He can slip a collar every time and we have never been able to make him carry his id.

Next time -- I am so getting a female dog.

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