11 December, 2009

Secret Cool place

I was reading Angry Chicken today and looking around her site and I found this gem at the right.
You have got to try communicating!
Totally efficient.

It's been incredibly cold here in the Willamette Valley.
Ten degrees for days on end at 5am. Almost warming up to 32' at noon.
At least, there is no moisture - so none of the usual Willamette Valley problems of ice, freezing rain, cars sliding...
Today, I crossed over  the Pudding River in two different spots. The Pudding is a very slow moving serpentine river that feeds eventually into the Molalla River.  Because it moves so slow, there is ice forming alongside its banks.

The first spot is where the ducks like to bask in the sun near Aurora, just past the bridge.
The ducks had flapped the water back where the ice was forming and I wish I had a camera - oh right - I'm on a highway here - not the best spot to stop either. But the sunlight hitting this bend, the ice flung up, the ducks keeping to the middle now where the current keeps the water free. It was a picture perfect moment.
The second spot is a horseshoe bend  by the paintball/racetrack place where the water doubles back on itself and catches large trees along the outer part of the horseshoe, again with the sunlight and the ice forming crystaline structures to make another gorgeous photo op.

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