06 December, 2009

Careful what you wish for

Just in - Wish lists for nephews:
Ian is 81/2 and Eric is turning 7 this month.

You asked for it--here they are--Christmas lists for Ian and Christmas and birthday list for Eric.

Star Wars Clone Commander Blaster
Bib Buck Huner PPO video game
Lego Star Wars Pirate Tank
Up (the movie)
EA Sports sureshot soccer/hockey
Dart Belt Blater or Tommy 20 Dart shooter
Nerf Lazer tag 2 player battle system--Ian really wants this
Nerf N-Strike Vulcan Blaster
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie
Star Wars TV game
All Harry Potter movies except #2 (we have that one)
All Harry Potter books except # 3 (have it)
Sapce Police Gold Heist
If possible (note the whimsical wishing) a Wii!
Scavenger Hunt for Kids (by University Games Corporation)
Uberpult (game by Patch)
Tri-Spy (game by Fat Brain Toy Co)
Wobble Deck
Gamewright Boochie
Zome Tool-Crazy Bubbles
Doinkit Darts
Original Fart Machinge
Yodelling Pickle
Lego Star Wars 7676, 8039, 7751, 7675, 7674, 8018
digital camera

Disgusting Science Kit
Tri-Spy (game byFat Brain Toy Co)
Uberpult (Patch)
Scavenger Hunt for Kids (University Games Corportation)
Ice Age 3 movie
River Crossing; The Perilouse Plank Puzzle (game)
Ultra Stomp Rocket
Moon in My Room (by Uncle Milton)
Hexbug (robotic bug)
Magic Science (by Scientific Explorer)
Illustory (create your own book)
Original Fart Machine
Solar Deluxe Educational Kit (Elenco)
Lego Star Wars 8036 (on sale at Target)
Lego Star Wars 8036, 8037, 8019, 7752, 7680

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