31 August, 2015

Double Zipper Pencil Case

Interior fabric.

 Turned inside out. Almost reversible.
Actually, I like this quilted fabric as an inside too. Still have more of it...

Still turned inside-out.

A close-up of the gusset.
Very easy to add but not gonna work for a coin pocket in a wallet.
It's attached only in the side seams. Keeps items from falling out...

Sundays sewing had a little hiccup - see following.

Silly Sausage Sunday! DO share with us your most silliest sewing, completely goofy mistake you have ever done, in the comments below! wink emoticon I'll pick my favourite story about this time tomorrow and that silly sausage will WIN a pattern of choice from my shop!

Chris W is a purse designer from Australia and she posted the above Sunday morning.
My response that afternoon was:

Katydid Green OMG I regret reading this post this morning. Going outside now for a time-out.

 It should not look like this.

My time-out:
I did go outside. In our windstorm, branches and pine cones flailed out of the trees which we picked up between small rain showers. I have missed the rain. It has been four months since we've seen any rain here.
Then I came inside and did my juicing chore. Now I am all set up with my green juice for the week.

  I flipped channels on the tv and found a OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) Simon & Garfunkle pledge concert. Ripping out stitches to Simon & Garfunkle - well I can't recommend it enough. Old favorites to sing along to.

It went very pleasantly and I did some other hand-stitching as well until the concert was over.

Now it looks like the bag I won this last week.

I used some Japanese quilted fabric as my outer fabric. My lining is also from Japan. The red & skinny black stripe is stash as is the skinny black piping. I also used a double zip because it works very well for this bag.

This bag is just over 8" in length and about 4" high.  This is very cute and the inside finishes are similar to my son's ditty bag albeit a little smaller overall than his bag. This pattern is on my to-do list with oil cloth and a slightly bigger profile.

Pattern is here:
Zipper Pencil Case with side gussets


  1. We have plenty of rain, can't work out to package it to send to you! I lice your zippy pouch though, is it a zip with two pulls? I've just ordered some

  2. Lol! I am sorry about your Silly Sausage Sunday, but it made for an amusing blog post. I was doing some Carhartt mending on Sunday and watching the Tailor and the Dressmaker (from ten thousand sewing hours blog).

  3. I tried a coin pouch from that site and couldn't understand the directions. The zipper looks awful. (I thought I was getting spammed too as it took hours to load a page.) I will give this one a go sometime though as I have been wanting to make a pouch just like this. This style is very popular in Japan. Yours turned out great!

  4. Hi, Kathy - I've been poking around your blog - you do some fun stuff! I really like the look of your zipper bag, so I opened the tutorial/pattern and am studying the directions. So sorry about your booboo - been there, done that, many more times than I would like to remember :D I had seen the tutorial before but hadn't realized it had those little gussets inside - I always thought that with that wide open zipper, it wasn't the most practical of bags, since things would just fall the heck out when it was opened. But looking at your pictures I realized that the designer had thought of that problem and fixed it - I think I might try this bag - it's pretty AND practical :) You're happy that you chose a double zipper? I don't have any and have never actually used one, but I may just pick one up to play with - who wouldn't want to try a new zipper install ;)

    1. On this type bag, the dbl zip is just convenience. One-way zips have rules to follow. I see this as a cosmetic bag. You might want to find your hair clips in one corner and you can reach them by unzipping one side.


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