09 August, 2015

Land's End

  We managed to catch the rocks with the tide out at Land's End.

I won't tell you exactly where that is as too many non-Oregonians have found this beach. Many of my special beaches that I grew up with that no one knew about have been discovered.

It's easy to tell the non-natives as they all wear shoes and don't know the first thing about dipping their toes into the Pacific.

 Lots of starfish and sea anemones.
Little fishies.
Tide coming in slowly.

big blob jellyfish

 Sharing space with mussels.

This is definitely an area where you want to keep an eagle eye on the tide. Easy to get cut off from the main beach and it's rather flat, so the tide comes in fast.

There is some shell picking but the main allure is the cessation of wind if you walk far enough and the gorgeous tide pools. If you are geology minded, there is a perfect spot to contemplate the earthquakes and rock plate movement of bygone eras.

Perfect summer day.


  1. Looks like a fun time at the beach! I also have two nephews visiting for a four day weekend.

  2. pretty! the starfish reminds me of a starfish necklace I have--I'll have to extract it from my jewelry....

  3. Love love love the beach and the sea :) Great photos :)

  4. Looks like a fab beach - keep it as a secret!


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