25 August, 2015

Fair Premiums

 Another successful fair year here in Canbyland.
This foxy pieced pillow earned Class Champion. Woot!

 I made this Monopoly table topper many years ago and decided it was time to move it on. You can buy it here in my etsy shop. This was my successful effort at making a square from obviously printed off-grain and off-kilter fabric from Joann's. I had to do some strange manipulations to get the three fabrics to behave. I also made the tassels on the four corners.

 This airplane tote won a blue ribbon

 As did this Bella Wallet

 My chickie hotpad won second in the potholder class.

 All seven of the items I entered.
I won ribbons on five.

 So much fun. They are all listed in my etsy shop, RunningWithNeedles. When I sell these handmade items, I include the fair ribbon.  A little touch of fun-ness.

So - work stuff: Getting my time off - thanks to the union. Supervisor is still wanting to argue it, but seriously - so not my problem.

We are probably not going to Madras this weekend. Not only do we have forest fires (smoke) to contend with but there is another long-range forecast for rain - which may or may not happen. {{no rain in over four months except for piddly drops here and there that evaporated before they hit the ground}

I'm fine with this. I got to go flying last week and it really lightened my load. I am so zen in my head right now.

Oh - yes! I won $16 in fair premiums this year. Double WOOT!


  1. Gosh, well done, all very well deserved - the ribbons and the time off!

  2. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* on the fair wins! I wish I had the oomph to submit some of my stuff. I'm glad you got to fly. Glad you got the best of the supervisor! Ha! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Wow! Congratulations on all your ribbons! How sweet that you send the ribbons along to your etsy buyers!

  4. I just love going to the fair, and it wouldn't be half as interesting if people didn't enter their handmade goodies. Your items are always so well made it's not surprising you won best of class! Congratulations and enjoy your mini vacation. The rain will feel so good.

  5. How cool to bring home ribbons from the fair-congratulations kathy!

  6. Sweet! I think you should keep your "Class Champion" ribbon and hang it in your sewing room. You rock!


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