06 August, 2015

Crown Point and Multnomah Falls

Vista House -- Crown Point

Multnomah Falls
 Sis from Minnesota is here for her annual visit home. Today we took her boys and grandma & grandpa up the Old Highway.

Our first stop was Bridal Veil Falls. I stayed with my dad who can't walk far and the others hiked down to see these beautiful waterfalls.

Second stop was Crown Point where you can see up and down the mighty Columbia river.

Gorgeous day. Not too hot. Lots of tourists. I picked up some postcards for my friend in Japan who not only collects them but sometimes uses them when she does Postcrossing.

 Looking upriver - eastwards.

Looking downriver - towards Portland

Squirrely nephews

 It's been a very dry year and there are sandbars in the river we've never seen.
Multnomah Falls is running light too.

 If you want to see some spectacular photos of these two landmarks,  my blog friend, Teresa Kasner,  volunteers up here and takes delicious photos of both of these beautiful Oregon places.
She has a much better camera.

 We hiked nearly to the upper falls but the narrow trail, the fact we were wearing flip flops and the throngs of tourists -- we turned back before reaching the upper viewpoint.

Lots of selfie sticks in evidence.
Japanese, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Korean, Aussies, Europeans.  Many different accents.


 Our last stop was Horseshoe Falls. Very cold water; the boys enjoyed every minute of it.

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