14 August, 2015

Twelve Hour Days

Last night, after a long day at work, I came home to find hubby doing his biennial checkride in the plane. To keep your pilot's license current, one must perform several activities: Medical check up, touch and go's, annual maintenance on the plane.

I grabbed some potato chips and zuniga's salsa, turned on the misters, and sat outside on the patio to watch him practice his take-offs and landings (touch and go).

My poor hanging baskets are back on flower after some serious chemical spraying for cutworms.  They do love the misters, as do I.
I have discovered that not only will the misters cool off the patio to 'comfortable' on a hot day, they also keep away the yellow jackets and flies as we eat.

No sewing here. One of my co-workers is off getting her daughter married and another had a car accident which has created even more hours for my paycheck. She was mostly shook up but has taken the rest of the week off and we aren't sure about next week.

I was able to see (mostly by accident) the Perseid meteor showers as I headed off to work in the dark.

I have a couple of posts planned about what I did while my sis was visiting. The videos finished uploading today and now I just need to do some cutting and pasting into a blog post with maybe some words. Too tired tonight, so I will skip a few days over and leave you with my very pleasant evening last night.



  1. The mister sounds like s great idea. Do you have a flight controller for the runway? It must be fun seeing the neighbours practice too? We just get huge jets over the garden, inturrupting conversations!

    1. Oh no. This is a small airpark. Most fly out for breakfast on Saturday mornings, otherwise, it's quiet and lovely.

  2. Kathy, how cool to see your plane and runway from the vantage point of the patio! Thanks so much for sharing a personal view.

  3. I love that you can relax with your misters! Your beautiful patio keeps getting better and better. I am using up all of my new wonder clips on the hem of my sister's shorts. They work great! So fun to use - Thanks Again!!!


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