20 August, 2015

Want To Go Flying?

My husband called me at work to ask me if I would like to go flying.
Instantly, all the work crap faded away.
I hustled my butt through the next 45 minutes. Skipped my break I was due too.

 This is the bend in the Willamette River where Canbyland sits. Unfortunately, we have wildfires making the skies all hazy. I tried for a photo of Mt. Hood. It has very little snow pack left but it totally disappeared into the horizon haze.

The rivers are all low, nothing interesting with contrast except these photos. Those wires connect the two wings to the fuselage, a.k.a. flying wires.

At work, we still have someone on vacation, and the other remains off work because of a car accident. Myself and the remaining clerk have been seriously overworked these last two weeks with limited help from other offices. The bosses continue to disregard all good management practices. Since February, all the weeks have been filled with overtime. Not to mention being the poster child this spring for daring to take three days off sick after I got back from Japan.

Is it stressful? Unbelievably so. I cannot make this stuff up.

My little time off which resulted in 12 weeks of postal drama is still not done, although I seem to be on a back burner. I was all set to quit and find another job when I got into yet more trouble (that I actually could not get into trouble for) and the union was called in and Missy Union talked some sense into me. I have less than three years before I can 'retire'. If I stick it out, I take all my vacation and sick leave (it's easier to work sick than take sick leave) and other benefits with me. We all know how fast 2 1/2 years speeds by.

I asked for next weekend off for the Madras Air Show back in June. The supervisor never gives our request for leave slips back but it is understood if you don't get it back unapproved within 24 hours it is assumed to be approved. Today? I have a note in my cash drawer that my leave has been rescinded (because the car accident coworker is still out on leave).

Like the supervisor sits ten feet from me. 
A note?
 I'm pretty sure I will win this - I am calling my union rep tomorrow and let her do the battle.

So.. ...long 13 hours days with weird lunch breaks (depending on the day) for last two weeks, leave for next weekend rescinded and the hubby called, "Do you want to go flying tonight?"

All mushy thoughts right now.


  1. About time you got in the air!

  2. I bet that felt soooo good, to get up and away from work goopies. I sure hope you get to go to Madras.

  3. Well done husband! If that holiday thing is "custom and practice" then she can't rescind! Grrrrrrrr to rubbish managers! Hope Union lady sorts it for you

    1. I missed union's call back but everyone agrees supervisor is talking rubbish.
      English words: custom & practice
      Makes me smile when you use English lingo. :-)

    2. Thanks for the photos from up there. It looks gorgeous - even with the smoky haze. I hope your most recent postal drama gets resolved.

  4. You will go to Madras one way or another Kathy! Good luck with this battle.


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