28 August, 2015

Red Letter Winner

 I'm having a pleasant weekend.

I won a blog giveaway recently from Red Letter Quilts.
I'm new to reading Heidi's blog and she had a giveaway to celebrate blogging 200 posts!

And I won.
 Such a nice little bag filled to the gills with happy fabric. Heidi asked my preferences and of course I replied, "airplanes and aqua/turquoise colors".

 Included was a lot of fabric, several with sewing themes, a key fob and she found a fun airplane fabric.

Muchos Gracias!


Look at that gusset up there. I need to make this bag and then maybe the one-sided gusset in a coin pocket will make more sense. This is a sturdy bag with piping that stands up on it's own.
Happy Day.

And it has been. I have my time off work and it's free time. We were planning to fly our Stearman to a much anticipated airshow in Madras, Oregon. Due to forest fires, interesting TFRs (temporary flight rules), rain forecast, and possible high winds -- we changed our plans.

On a snarky/funny/weird note, letting the union handle my time off battle was wise. Very wise.  Missy union told supervisor off to the point where supervisor talked to me on Wednesday afternoon in a chatty/perky manner about how she never intended me to think my leave was cancelled, and la-dee-dah, the world is pretty nice.   Smart me just looks at her and says nothing. {Bet'cha you can't tell what I was thinking though???}

Dear daughter is coming home from Ketchikan this weekend so I will get to spend time with her before I go back to work.

This morning, Creative Girl and I took in several garage sales with successful results.
She bought like a gazillion chairs for her shop. I found some more sewing stuff: patterns and fabric.

RunningwithRocket is at 740 posts published over 7 years.  I should have a giveaway someday soon. I'll have to mull over what to give away.


  1. So sorry you missed a fun time flying in your Stearman. I am so ready for rain it isn't even funny. My yard is parched, too. Bring it on. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. A blogging win and a work win - love it!

  3. Cool bag and fabrics! So glad you win! Has it really been seven years of blogging???


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