02 September, 2015

Scrappy Zip Pouch

 This is another version of a zippy pouch.

The lining is attached to the outer fabric and all seams are sewn inside bias tape for a very pretty finish inside.

 The front side has the scrappy patchwork.

The backside - well, let's just say I have a difficult time working in black & white. I had to add color. This orange was going to be inside as the lining. Then I thought, why not do some orange top-stitching, and why not add this orange fabric onto the backside too....

 Inside seams all covered in bias tape. Pretty, pretty.

 A couple of weekends ago (aka earlier this summer), I made some CD holders for a custom sewing job on etsy and I had these tiny scraps left over - about the time The Sewing Chick posted her tutorial.

I sewed the 2" squares together and then left them under the clapper to stay flat. I went back and finished a project!

Even if it not strictly black and white, I love how it turned out.


  1. You make the coolest things! That is really classy looking. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. That orange top stitching is so fun!!

  3. The BW with the pop of orange is wonderful. Love this pouch!

  4. You are a talented bag maker! I love your choice of fabrics, special details, and thoughtfulness to the user!


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