24 September, 2015

Last Flight 2015

The sky was just gorgeous with these streams of cottonball clouds.
I started taking photos from my back yard and decided to post most of them from our flight tonight.

Because the sky was outstanding. It outperformed itself.

First stop was fueling up the plane at a little strip just southwest of us. We pump our own avgas. I attach a cable to some random metal part of the airplane to ground it, so sparks don't have an electrical moment. Then I run the fuel nozzle hose over to the plane. Hubby has a board that straddles the front cockpit to stand on. The fuel tank is in the center section of the upper wing.

Keep looking at those clouds.

The lighting was good enough to get a sorry photo of Mt. Hood - still naked.

And off we go again. Sometimes, I wish I had a camera good enough to capture the almost full moon like Teresa does. I have a little Nikon Coolpix. It does alright. Most importantly, it has a strap. Because the slipstream is fierce outside the cockpit and will whip that camera out of your hand in a nanosecond.

I saw these two trees in a newly tilled field and look at the long shadows.

The lighting was great. Shadows on the wing, detail down below, not too much haze.

 Another of Mt. Hood. Dusk is a great time to take photos to avoid the haziest parts of the day.

We flew around for forty minutes or so, to get the engine oil all warmed up.
It's good for the engine, and for us.

Mostly, we flew south and east  and then back to Canbyland.

The sun started its descent and I started getting the best photos.

 The sun playing with those lovely clouds.

 Reflections off the wings.

 This might be my favorite shot tonight.

Almost home. That's my airpark - center in the photo above.
You can pick out the line of houses, in front of them is the grass runway (red line)
I'm near the end of the street, it's about 1/2 mile long.


  1. Thank you SO much for the spin around the sky. I would love to fly a small plane like that. What a pleasure it must be!!

  2. Oh I thought same as Mary... it was nearly as good as going for the ride. Where else could I get sewing and flying! What fun. Great photos.

  3. Kathy.. I totally *loved* seeing you get ready to fly and then the wonderful photos of you two up there soaring around in your beloved Stearman! I was so happy for you both. Thanks for the shoutout.. I think you need a Lumix for your next flight! See you at OFFF tomorrow! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. The third photo from the bottom: I just noticed it today. The sun is shining 'through' the fabric on the upper wing. The ribs make the shape of the wing with fabric covering them.

  5. These pics are spectacular!
    What is with the bad trees?
    Have you heard The Dressmaker is a new film coming?

  6. Bad trees are at our approach. Getting taller, safety concern.
    I heard about the movie and then found out I might have read the wrong book - there are three authors with that book title. Just picked up the other two from the library yesterday. In any case, I'll be prepared when the movie hits my horizon.

  7. I too feel like I was there with you on your trip!!! Fab photos of the sunset and really neat to see the pix of your house on the grass runway.


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