20 September, 2015

Keep Calm

  Very calm at dawn this morning.

 My friend in Japan sent me a wee present in the mail recently.
See those tiny airplanes. ;-)

A little Budgie sticker decorating the package.

 Yesterday, another friend and I drove out to the Dahlia fields of Swan Island Dahlias.
They are in full bloom.

Bumble Rumble

 One of my dahlias at dawn. I got this bulb from my mom & dad's place.

I was feeling a bit sluggish today. After cleaning up a couple of flower beds by the house. No wonder!

After taking a shower, I lay down and read and then decided to read until I finished my book, "The Dressmaker"   by Kate Alcott.

 This afternoon, I thought I'd finish my foray into pocket tissue covers.
I thought this dotted red went well with my wee airplane fabric totally disregarding the fact that the red showed very clearly through the the white background fabric.
The red peeking through turns the white into dirty white. Not good.

I'd only sewn three seams in a continuous row of eight covers when I thought about it. Then I switched to the blue background and came up one lining short having sewn two linings onto an outer blue fabric.
God - where's the seam ripper?

 After tossing my house, I found it by the laptop and while totally broken in (lol), it worked well enough to rip stitches out.

There's a cap that goes to this seam ripper which pops onto the end to extend the handle. It always came off at a crucial moment, so it was retired first. I think I've had this seam ripper for at east a dozen years.

In all the sewing supplies I find at garage sales, I never, ever, find seam rippers. Because they break.
Looks like a trip to the fabric store is in order....

I put my sewing away because it's obviously not in the works today.

My daughter re-arranged the guest room opening up some floor space where I am now seriously contemplating the IKEA Button Rug that I saw on a recent trip there a few weeks ago.

Only $49


  1. I have my adorable tissue holder on my blog today.. *T*H*A*N*K* * *Y*O*U*!*!*!* And I think you need that rug for sure. Hope to see you at the OFFF. Oh.. and we need to go see the Dahlias. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I keep looking at that ikea rug but don't have that much clear floor anywhere!! I laughed when I saw the red and white polka dots - you'll see why soon! Xx

    1. Good lord - it's only $49.
      4'4" x 6'5" in size.
      I don't have room in my sewing room but I keep looking at it and if I dither too long, it will sell out.

  3. Yes, to the button rug. I own about a dozen seam rippers, all well used. I just tell people that I collect them, but the truth is, I really am searching for a perfect one: small point, sharp cutter, and most of all, an ergonomic handle. I am still searching!!!

  4. I highly recommend the Seam Fix seam ripper--it also has this rubbery-plasticy bit that you can rub on your loose threads that you just ripped and it helps pull them out. They are also brightly colored and therefore easy to find in the rubble of my sewing room. My one quibble is the cap doesn't fit on the opposite end for when I'm actually using it


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