18 September, 2015

Sewing Gift

 I recently won a prize on Red Letter Quilts that was amazing.

A fun pencil pouch loaded with fun fabrics.
I turned some of those fabrics into this CD Holder for Heidi.

I had fun sewing with someone elses fabric selections. She likes to sew quilt, so I found several sewing themed fabrics in my stash that coordinated with hers. I hope she likes to listen to CD's when driving....well, even if she doesn't, she can throw it up on her car visor and smile every time she looks at it.

 I was going to put a Stearman Biplane patch here but Miss T.G.I.F. jumped up and said, "SEW ME". And this is on the back side - aka the side that faces the car visor. No one will ever see this patch except the recipient.


  1. Aren't you a sweetie to give a gift back! I'm sure she will love it.

    1. Heidi's was a tad too awesome. I used some of her fabrics.

  2. Lol! "I run with scissors" is perfect! What a fun return project! And what great additions to your fabric stash. Inspiring!

  3. Oh my gosh, I dont think I was supposed to see this! I will be living at the front window until my awesome postman arrives!


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