12 September, 2015

Custom Sewing Orders

I love my etsy shop. I've sold online for a thousand years, I was there when Ebay started.

I love all the options etsy allows me in building a business. I can communicate directly with customers. I can direct customers to my blog/store/website without etsy getting their panties in a twist. I can set my prices to reflect what I am worth and more importantly, etsy has the buyership to support handmade.

I think the fees are fair (unlike Ebay's 15%) because I certainly could not sell my sewing  locally for two bucks. I helped run a Christmas bazaar with some friends and I had to source my materials very carefully - that's where I learned to buy from garage sales and estate sales and to make do from my stash.

Etsy has been instrumental in me dreaming the dream.

Customers have an easy option of requesting customization's and this was one I actually made money on for once. A little while ago, another customer contacted me about making something in LSU colors.  I probably made enough to cover my cost in buying fabric as Oregon is no where near Louisiana. This second customer seridipitiously also wanted something for LSU and all the materials were in my stash. Love it.
I made her a bonus tissue holder because it just takes scraps and they are super easy as an add-on.

Customers are the best part of Etsy. You want to wrap it pretty and add little bonuses.

A CD Holder for the car visor plus a Tissue Holder in coordinating LSU colors.


  1. This is awesome! I love the addition of the little window that says "Louisiana State University". Plus, I am going to need to talk to you about the tissue holder. (Hint,hint....) ;)

  2. I like the homey-ness of Etsy, too. I much prefer buying from there than eBay. I'm glad you're doing well there. I rarely sell anything. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I am yet to brave etsy. One day!! The LSU colours remind me of Cadburys chocolate - not a bad thing! I've been thinking about running up some tissue holders, but got some bigger things to make first then use the leftovers :) Yours is very pretty :)


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