09 May, 2012

Birthday Airplanes

It's my Birthday. I am one of the few people I know who loves her birthday. I always do what I want on my day.

I am also one of the few people I know who revels in my number of years. All of my friends know how old I am. I have zero desire to 'stay' 29 forever and I really look forward to celebrating my day every year. It's an occasion to celebrate. Another year forward.
This year, I went off to Redmond to visit a dear friend who also happens to be my daughter's godmother. I feel like I have known her forever. We stayed up late talking both nights I was there.

On the way back, I turned off the Hwy. to climb the 6 miles to Timberline Lodge. I hadn't been there in forever and the snow zone in May makes it feel much colder than the 50' - 80' in the valley.

Mt. Hood at Timberline

32' there. Necessitating grabbing the polarfleece in the trunk to walk around. 6 miles down the road, back at Hwy 26 and Government Camp, it's 10 degrees warmer.

Rawhide woven Seat bottoms.

Classic Wood Ski's like my Mom & Dad skied on.

North up the mountain?

 I arrived home to find several birthday packages waiting on the counter and the mailbox.

My favorite came from Japan and involved some serious airplane usage. Love it.
Thank you!~

 A zippered pouch, Pincushion, two Macaroon purses,
a fabric pen, and a book on sewing bags. I looked at that book, Girly Bag Collection,  at  Uwajimaya's about a month ago. Were you peeking over my shoulder?

Sometimes I am really lucky in that my Anniversary, my Birthday and Mother's Day often fall on the same weekend creating a triple whammy of a holiday.
Thank you all for celebrating with me.

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  1. Oh what a bummer I missed your birthday on the actual day! But I would still like to wish you a happy B-lated Birthday. How nice to be remembered with the heartfelt gifts in the mail. Timberline is a great place to visit! Glad you were able to stop by and enjoy it before heading back home.


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