08 May, 2012

Zakka Readers

 I became enthused in making Reader cases after a Birthday girl brunch involving my sister-in-law. She took one look at the Zakka pencil case on the right and asked me to make it a tad shorter and thinner to hold her readers.
Which grabbed me by it's particular usefulness as opposed to a Pencil case. I don't need a pencil case. Do you? Although I am still a year or two away from needing readers, the practicality made these a fast gift for friends who do use reading glasses.
SIL has chickens at the farm and she  has liked notepaper I have gifted her with chickens on it. Her reader case became full of chickens.

I went on a little roadtrip to Redmond for my birthday and also needed to make another for my friend as a tiny thank you. She also has chickens but I gave her a "Believe" theme.

I now translate Zakka as a Japanese word to use up your cute scraps. It is amazing how little of a scrap these take as in, I still have cute scraps!

Here's the insides:

The backs:

I added the loop to the side to possibly connect them to a purse or coat as we all know you need three pairs minimum of readers because they are so easily lost. SIL buys the three pack at Costco.

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