28 May, 2012

Better Day

I had to place yesterday's ranting post into the 'draft' file. It was a tad negative and while it felt good to write and publish, it needs to go back under the bed for now.

Today was a much better day, health-wise & weather-wise. No one deserves to read about when I get cranky.

I felt much better this morning and bright & early, weeded for an hour or so in my long flower bed.
Then I took a long shower after fixing my little hair dye 'moment" from Saturday. It's still brighter than I wanted but it will fade to just about right in a few weeks.

I finished up some loose ends regarding our upcoming trip to Sweden & Finland and was going to go to the store for the week ahead but hubby beat me to it. I got all my giveaway, care package  & order packages all ready to go to the post office tomorrow and then we went flying.

Blowing the cobwebs out of my brain.
Lovely day.

Thank you.

Strawberries. More sun, More sun.

Forgotten name. Helio? Small 4" tall mat of flowers that follow the sun.

Nora Barlow Columbine

The Almighty Foxglove

 Iris's with the variegated sword leaves.

Nootka Roses

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  1. Glad you're feeling better today. I sympathized with yesterday's post too. A flight was just what you needed. Glad you had a nice day to fly.


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