24 May, 2012

Everything's Amazing & Nobody's Happy

My son sent this video clip to me. You have to read my story first.

They talk about Rotary Phones in this video. Remember these?
I still have mine. For when the power goes out - it will still connect.

I remember having my niece over to do some serious crafting. We were playng with reverse applique with different colors of felt. Cute picture of a bird. To finish it off we did some embroidery plus some sequins, 'cause everything's better with glittery sequins.
Anyway, I showed her how to do the Lazy Daisy Stitch.
One time, that 's all it took.

This niece of mine is super smart.

Later on, before she headed home, we were in my walk-in closet, where at the time I did my sewing. (they make walk-in closets huge). We were going through some choice pieces of fabric for her to take home when she spied my orange rotary phone.
She stared at it. Baffled, she asked me how did it work. I replied, "you just stick your finger in the number hole you want and spin the dial over to the stop and let go."

Really baffled now, "how does that work?"

I went over and showed her how you stick your finger in the hole, take it over to the stop and let go. She was still struggling to grasp this simple concept.
"Let's call grandma, do you remember her number?"

She finally got a call through to Grandma, amazed at how much work one needs to go into to call someone. Nowadays, we have to add the area code too so it really is more work.

This whole episode just cracked me up. 8 years old and grasping complicated embroidery stitches but cannot conceptualize a rotary phone.

now, go watch this video.


  1. Great video! I remember rotary phones.

  2. Hi Kathy! Your story was funny! I love those phones but unfortunately they don't work at our house. I remember when the phones with buttons came and we felt so 'serious' just pushing them... and what about the mobile phones, I was imbarassed to use it first. x Teje


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