01 May, 2012

Zakka Style Sewalong 1

A sewing book called Zakka Style has been going the rounds with a  Sewalong. Written by the talented Rashida Coleman, it contains 24 projects from her favorite Zakka sew-ers. Zakka being a Japanese esthetic word for cute & hand-sewn with details.
I had previously made one of Rashida's Snappy Coin Purses and wanted to play around with linen more.

The first project I did from the book was the pincushion. Pictured in neutral off-white linen with a cotton print next to it. Turn it over to see this gorgeous salmon pink linen for the backing.
Of course I immediately go into fabric panic. The only linens I have are white or off-white. Where do you get pink linen? Did she dye it? Where did she find it? on & on until I thought my head would implode.
Sorting through my fabrics, I eventually came across this damask tablecloth in watered blue (a bleach incident in another life) and got over myself, changed gears and did NOT use linen at all.
Does this disqualify my pincushion from being Zakka?

I also played with stamping Stearman's on twill tape. This project - in the book - specifically called for a stamped twill tape embellishment and I was ready to follow instructions exactly. {don't be rolling in the aisles - that's my job}.

I have had this little ironing board print in my stash for too long but because it was kelly green (and I have the yellow colorway as well) it sat waiting for the right project.

See what I put on the backside - another print in the green colorway:

Bunnies flying airplanes
This turned out darn cute. However, I really couldn't get into the pincushion thing so I filled it with lavender and stuffing. Whoever gets it can decide if they want a sweet smelling lavender sachet or an airplane pincushion.

Instructions were spot on, easy to read, short & fast.
I found the button ONLY AFTER I sewed the pincushion.

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  1. Great minds think alike. We were making pin cushions last week too! I love the retro fabrics you chose and the color combination. Your stamped plane came out nice too. Great job!


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