05 May, 2012

Finished Purse

I finished this purse this afternoon. I started it two weeks ago, got distracted (moi?) but due to the sun, again, not showing it's face, had to do something inside where it is warm.
This is a second version of Ayumi's Lunchbag. I have been thinking how to add a divider to a purse. You see them in all the retail purses but they are a bit scarce for home sew-ers.

I never think purses, or garments for that matter, have enough pockets. So I added a basic pocket, a zippered pocket and left off
sewing the lining when I was trying to decide if I wanted to figure out how to add a zippered pocket to the center divider.
To be honest, I was seriously over-thinking the engineering details and had to take a rest from this project.
Ayumi's Lunchbag features a 'cover' that can be tugged close to keep things inside. I really like my fabric selections for that bag on the right. The main fabrics on both bags is IKEA. Usually offered in a home dec. weight, this fabric helps make the bag stand up.

I added the grommets to my new bag on the right because it was yelling for something to help unify things. There is a tiny bit of orange in the big flower Ikea fabric that I thought I could use to 'band' my pockets but when sewn, it looked lame. The grommets help.

A look back at the lining with inset zipper pocket and basic pocket
before the divider was added.

You can see the divider. It's attached only at the side seams. I sewed the divider as a straight entity when in reality it should have had a trapezoid thing going. I took notes and will incorporate the lesson into the next purse. Because there will another purse to sew.
I still like my idea of bringing purses as part of my thank you gifts for the people I will be staying with on my Sweden/Finland trip. They will pack easily.

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  1. Your lunch bags are so professionally made! The addition of the grommets and the divider is just incredible!!


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