04 May, 2012

Before The High Winds

Fringe tulips
Montana clematis bursting forth from a rhododendron.

Striking contrast of greens and purple. Dwarf Iris.
I was smart to take these pics before the windstorm.
Most of the blossoms are three miles away now.

Freebie Rhody

Leopard''s Bane in amongst the Mock Orange

Montana Clematis

Green table grape budding out.

Overwintered Creeping Charlie - kind of a larkspur bloom.

This bed is coming along

You can still see the shack

Pretty Forget-me-nots blazing around a Korean Spruce.

From next door, looking at my kitchen window.

Back yard, looking toward hangar door.

See these THORNS? -- in the side yard with another baby clematis blooming inside the cage

These might be my favorite Iris's

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  1. Your garden is lovely. Those tulips are such a beautiful colour. I'm sorry your blooms have blown away.


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